Latest Addiction: Twitch Heroes!

So there’s a new “game” (if it can be called a game?) that’s been sweeping around and has gotten a small amount of attention. The game is called Twitch Heroes.

It’s an ingeneous little bit of code which syncs with Twitch and creates a small avatar that automatically starts fighting villains/baddies in the live stream of the game which looks kinda like below:

Cool idea, right? You sign in and can watch your little dude kick ass and take names? Well here’s there ingenious bit: There’s a website called ( LINK ) which allows you to connect and actually track your scores in real time and apply boosts/change loadouts/customize your character slightly:

It’s kinda fun and you only gain XP to level up WHILE your viewing the Twitch stream itself (think computer running 24/7 with this pulled up) in order to keep building up your character. The DEVs are still hard at work developing and fixing this but I feel like this might catch on as something popular in the near future. The idea is pretty unique and seems to be solid functioning and kinda entertaining just to watch in a side screen and know your little avatar is battling evil.

TL;DR: Check out and sync it with your Twitch account and check out a unique experience offered!

Signed, djchaos315, Rank 31 Archer

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