From past experience, knowledgeable employers will skim this site after seeing my email signature. As such, this page now exists!

Skill sets currently include (but are not limited to):

  • Virtualization: VMWare ESXi, vSphere and vCenter: Deployments, backups, networking configurations, staging development systems and template. VirtualBox experience, VMWare View and VMWare player experience
  • Several coding languages with significant experience in Perl, C++ and BASH (/bin/sh). Others in the past include: Java, C, Assembly, Python, Ansible, Chef, PHP
  • Exceptional networking background including Cisco hardware. This includes networking and DHCP/DNS servers in both Windows and Linux flavors, custom subnetting and VLANs and mapping networks with specific IP subsets for management
  • Windows AD experience: staging, managing/adding systems to AD network, file shares and permissions, some IIS experience
  • Linux management: Prior and current employer, experience in Ubuntu/Debian, Slackware, Redhat, Centos and Fedora with various package managers and shell systems
  • Security background: Associate’s in Networking Security, various experience with encryptions, penetration testings, ethical hacking procedures and some experience with Forensics related to this
  • Customer support: Previous employer and especially current I have a very in front position with the client and often work directly with clients during implementations and updates. I’ve grown to be the go to when it comes to customer communications and support
  • Hardware: Server upgrades (RAM, CPU, hard drives in and without RAID), troubleshooting and performing reviews to stage size for potential clients and potential upgrades for issues reported
  • Database and Data management: Very fluent in mysql, also work frequently with PostgreSQL
  • Troubleshooting: Previous and current employer, troubleshooting custom coding on a proprietary Linux environment, strong troubleshooting mindset and skills from years of working on Linux systems along with personal development projects (Can be presented if requested)

  • Additional skills out of scope from above
    • Linux specific: Samba shares (no AD), SFTP systems and access, passwordless logins (SSH keys), postmail/sendmail configurations, Apache/Tomcat
    • Windows Specific: SMTP server (using third party software, NOT exchange), File servers, managing users and security policies, printing servers on a domain network
    • Migrations: Both at work and home, backups and managing staging of replacement or upgrade of systems onto new hardware/software. Experience also includes extended write ups of process(es) prior to work along with details roll out/roll back plans
    • CloudOps: Familiar with Amazon AWS for personal hosting in the past, very familiar with ESXI and associated software with this