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Worms Armageddon Drinking Game

Drinking situations for normal drink/beer/wine-cooler:

  • When a worm of yours gets hit for more than 50 damage, drink once
  • When a worm of yours gets hit for more than 100 damage, drink twice
  • When a worm of yours is killed by falling into the water, (NOT by homerun!), drink twice.
  • When a worm of yours is killed and leaves a tombstone on the playing field, drink thrice.
  • When two or more of your worms are killed at the same time, drink half of your drink (or finish if less than half full).
  • For every of your team’s tombstones that are dropped into the water, drink once. If it happens off-screen and cannot be verified, no drink needed.
  • When you grab a tool kit/weapon kit, all other players drink once.
  • When you grab a health kit, all other players drink twice.
  • When you grab both a toolkit and a health kit, all other players drink 4 times.
  • When you shoot, and your projectile ends up in the water without hitting anything, drink twice.
  • When you use your special weapon and miss, drink 4 times.
  • When you teleport out of harm’s way, drink twice.
  • Skip go, drink once.

Drinking situations for shots:

  • When you commit suicide, drink 1 shot
  • When you jetpack and end up killing yourself, drink one shot and drink once.
  • If you get killed by a prod, the only way of alleviating yourself of some of the shame is to drink 1 shot chased by a hearty chug of your drink.
  • If you get homerun’ed into the water, drink 1 shot and give your best Worm voice impression.
  • If a player skips a turn without moving AT ALL, everyone takes a shot
  • If you sit on a worm and make a wormstack for 15 seconds, bottom player takes a shot

2018 and new computer upgrades

My current job that I started last summer has been a godsend in every way possible. With this has also come some fringe benefits: Computers and hardware they don’t want. Fast forward a bit and ended up scoring a nice old Sandy Bridge Xeon and upgrade my gaming desktop!

Now my best friend has always harped about my Bulldozer CPU being a big of a slug and hurting my graphics’ performance. I didn’t pay much attention when I should have because he was right.

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Steam Link: First impressions

Steam had a sale on their Steam Link device over Christmas and the following week. I picked one up for dirt cheap and figured even if it wasn’t that great, it wouldn’t be more than a few bucks lost.

I got the unit in the mail last night and was impressed immediately with the packaging: It all looks like a nice retail box and set up, not just some brown box that’s bland.

The install/set up is incredibly simple. I plugged into the unit into power and into another HDMI on my TV. Plugged in a mouse into one of the 3 USB ports on the Steam Link, and went through a simple set up which prompted for an update and restart. All total, this might have taken 20 minutes.

Once this is done, you go through some prompts on your computer used for streaming to this which involved confirming a PIN code quick and setting up a new Audio driver (Steam Link can play audio over the TV from the computer!) for streaming to itself. I will say, getting the full sound bar usage off my desktop PC system has been wonderful.

Now, I ran into a couple snags with some games but this was a a mod issue with Fallout 4: Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) uses a custom launcher which isn’t supported properly by Steam. To fix this, you go into Steam and “Add a non steam game”. Browse and find the F4SE launcher/binary, add it to your library and you can now launch it from the Steam Link properly!

Overall, I love it and how simple it is. I’m using a wired Xbox 360 controller and it works great, even over WiFi (AC, 5GHz) and there’s very little lag or latency. Definitely recommend checking it out!

Streaming, streaming

Due to a late birthday gift, I ended up with an updated graphics card in my main desktop gaming rig; I can finally stream while playing games without massive FPS loss. Check me out!

Specs on current setup:

  • Stealth Mid size tower
  • 500W Corsair Modular PSU
  • AMD 8 core bulldozer (3.8GHz, stock)
  • Hyper 212+ Cooler
  • 16GB Corsair RAM
  • 240GB Kingston SSD
  • Corsair K70 Red with Blue switches
  • R.A.T. TE Mouse
  • EVGA 1050 ti 4GB

Hope to see you guys in when live!