Arduino Wireless Logging, Post One: The Idea

I’ve had a number Arduino systems for some time now along with a large number of RF24 wireless modules and DHT11 humidity/temperature sensors. The idea I’ve had for some time is this:

  1. Arduino with a DHT11 sensor and RF24 wireless device pull then transmit data.
  2. Data goes to secondary hub/master Arduino using an RF24 module along with an Ethernet adapter (Wiznet 5100)
  3. This master hub then pushes the data to a web server containing a mysql database to log and store the information

Simple right? Wrong.

This has been a project for the better part of 8 months now with little working results. Right up until the amazing “maniacbug” user built the RF24-master library for Arduino to handle most of the payload and data transactions. At this time, I have a working prototype and will keep posting information on this project soon! Stay tuned!