Overly Complicated Project: FTP backups on local network

With the revision of my Cloud backups from CrashPlan to Backblaze, I lost the ability to handle backups from a network share. There are complicated ways to install devices and make network shares work as local disks, but it seems like a mixed bag of results. I’ve had the idea for a while now and I decided to make it happen: FTP backups on my local network from any Linux systems and possibly Windows.

Goal: Backups to be as easy as possible and require little to no future proofing after install. Think I got it down.

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Backblaze backups: Initial impressions

Welcome back! I received an email this week from CrashPlan (CrashPlan for small business account) that they will no longer be supporting backups with such extensions as OVA, VMK, VMDK, etc. This knocks out several of my backups (OVAs are what I use from my ESXI system) and will make my online backups no longer effective.

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Hacker’s Toolkit (2019)

As part of the security work I’ve previously done, I keep several tools on hand when out and about for reconnaissance and data gathering. The last BSIDESROC convention reminded me about some of the tools I haven’t used in a while so I figured I’d go over what’s in the bag!

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Unleash the beast: New Gaming pc

With 2019 comes a new year and a new rig! I upgrade to a 1070 SC card recently and realized my second gen Xeon Sandy Bridge wasn’t cutting it (3.3GHz quad core, e3-1245). I was only using about 20-40% of the GPU under the heaviest load so the CPU was a massive bottleneck. It went downhill from there.

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Email server issues: ClamAV not working and delaying messages

After spending some time troubleshooting this morning, I finally came across this gem hidden in the mail log: Clamav was having issues scanning emails, causing them to reject and delay.

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Samsung Gear Fit2 Notification

Took a while to figure this out, but I started getting REALLY annoying notifications whenever I left my Fit2 sitting around (doing dishes, riding my motorcycle, etc) and couldn’t figure out anything to do to fix it.

“Remember to charge your gear if you’re not wearing it.”

I went through and even blocked all notifications to the Samsung Health and Gear apps completely with Android and they still occurred. Well. This was infuriating. Especially when it would hit me up at just after midnight in a dead sleep.

If you go into the Gear App, there’s a notification menu. There’s an option for:

“Only show notifications while wearing”.

I toggled this to on and I have yet to get another notification. Hopefully it isn’t just a fluke.

I should note I disabled notifications completely using Android and it still popped up, but hopefully this fixes it. Cheers!