Hacker’s toolkit (Current)

Heading to BSIDESROC this weekend and this was brought up in conversation to what I was bringing to tinker with and show people if they haven’t used/seen them before:

1) WifiPineapple
2) LAN turtle
3) (2) USB Rubber Ducky’s with different payloads (one prank, one malicious)
4) Several ethernet cables (3-15 feet)
5) USB extension cables
6) Battery pack for pineapple
7) Several flash drives with tools and OS’s
8) Extra Wifi adapter with high gain antenna
9) Laptop and charger running Kali 2019
10) Notebook/Pens/sticky notes
11) Digital Camera with extra batteries
12) ESD bags for electronics
13) Mini tool kit with multitools, straps, flash drives, etc

This is the basic kit I carry for work. Sometimes I include an Android tablet that’s rooted for war-driving or checking WiFi information without needing to boot up a laptop. Down the road, I may write up some tutorials on these but there’s a lot of information online already for these.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Notification

Took a while to figure this out, but I started getting REALLY annoying notifications whenever I left my Fit2 sitting around (doing dishes, riding my motorcycle, etc) and couldn’t figure out anything to do to fix it.

“Remember to charge your gear if you’re not wearing it.”

I went through and even blocked all notifications to the Samsung Health and Gear apps completely with Android and they still occurred. Well. This was infuriating. Especially when it would hit me up at just after midnight in a dead sleep.

If you go into the Gear App, there’s a notification menu. There’s an option for:

“Only show notifications while wearing”.

I toggled this to on and I have yet to get another notification. Hopefully it isn’t just a fluke.

I should note I disabled notifications completely using Android and it still popped up, but hopefully this fixes it. Cheers!

2018 and new computer upgrades

My current job that I started last summer has been a godsend in every way possible. With this has also come some fringe benefits: Computers and hardware they don’t want. Fast forward a bit and ended up scoring a nice old Sandy Bridge Xeon and upgrade my gaming desktop!

Now my best friend has always harped about my Bulldozer CPU being a big of a slug and hurting my graphics’ performance. I didn’t pay much attention when I should have because he was right.

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