May 20th, 2024

May 20th, 2024

Digital journal entry #113.

The dreams. They keep coming back. I’ve started to write them down to see if there’s a pattern. Damnit, Angel.

More thinking, deep thoughts of when things were simple and we took them for granted. Fuck we had it good. I went to the grocery store, went to get ice cream, took the bike when I had a bad day…That bike is worth more now than any house, even not running. People would kill for such a thing, hence why it stays hidden. Need to keep focused…

Rain is starting to subside again as summer begins. The sunshine is a nice feeling. The winters have been awful. Some of the fires have kept the world a little cooler from the initial attacks. Funny: We solved our global warming problem better than anyone could have guessed.

The people in the village are starting to branch out more now that the weather is settling and warming. They still avoid the house; it’s fine, I don’t want to see them. The disappointing looks are enough to push anyone insane. It’s been quiet, too. Guess the violence has stayed low. I hope it stays that way, we all need hope and community.

Water is doing well. Lucked out and found some more filter materials in the store that weren’t destroyed. Thankfully the filters last longer now that most of the fallout has hit the ground and is out of the air and rain. Canned food is in surplus right now, had to make an extra trip to hike it all home. I missed spaghetti-ohs, they give me the worst heartburn though.

Back to work though. Need to keep the house secure for the summer and be ready for anything.

May 16th, 2024

May 16th, 2024


Digital journal entry #112.

Noises outside this morning. No sign of cause. Plants knocked over on porch. Small animal looking for shelter from storms? Whoever knew rain could come down for so long. Six days and finally some clearing. Water stocks are full at least. Filters need changing; geiger readings are elevated. Running out of disposable gloves for maintenance. Added to scavenge list.

Nuclear. Atomic. Whatever. We lost everything we ever built over money. It’s all fiction. It doesn’t help now when the power’s out, food is gone, electronics are burned out. I can’t believe the faraday cage worked. Who knew paranoia would pay off…I still have some ways to communicate. The radio crackles with nothing but static most days, but sometimes there’s a whisper which turns into a conversation. It’s nice to hear another human again.

I hope we can rebuild it all. I’ve seen promising signs: the village is starting to take care of its own and take in more outsiders. Hopefully there’s no more uprisings. We’ve had enough violence in the world. I wish I could visit them more, but they don’t trust me still. “Time heals all things”.

What I wouldn’t give to be back to playing games and driving a car. Motorcycle would be heaven. Someday I’ll find one that still works. Daydreaming. Hopefully this journal will keep helping me stay sane.

Think I saw her again. It’s hard to tell what’s real sometimes when you sleep so much. She reached out but couldn’t touch. Maybe I am losing my mind; But haven’t we all? It’s why the world’s gone, isn’t it? Maybe I am mad, the days are a blur.

Going for food run. Be back soon.

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